Cucine Lube India

The journey for CUCINE LUBE INDIA began in the year 2003. We opened our doors to India with our first studio in New Delhi. Today, LUBE INDIA operations continue to function as a joint venture between LUBE GRUPPO, Italy & PM CUCINE LUBE India (Headed by Mr Pawan Malhotra, MD).

Offering our services via 7 beautifully planned studios across 7 Cities, we offer solutions on a pan India level. Foreseeing the demands, we also hold strategy for expansion in the future. Today, PM Cucine Lube India has more than 7000 satisfied customers over a period of 10 years.

Cucine Lube studio offers a comprehensive choice of materials, styles, designs, accessories, and combinations, which helps in making every kitchen unique, customized and one of its kinds. Lube has over 150 models to offer with more than 200 color options and over 250 handle designs, with more than 1,000 permutation and combination options. The in-house visionary Designing and Operations team at all out Studios, help you turn your dreams into reality. LUBE assurance can delight you, due to its 100% Italian make from our one and only production facility which is in Treia (Italy).

About Creo Kitchens

A container for emotions, a point of reference dedicated to a modern, demanding and open-minded public. CREO Kitchens creates infinite alchemies with you. Just like us you love originality, refinement, customisation and anti-conformism. You are youthful in age or in taste and you know how to choose products that meet your expectations, products that offer the right price/quality ratio.

Everyone can find the formula to express their own style in CREO Kitchens, using a highly personalised mix of original and exclusive compositional solutions. CREO Kitchens combines different codes together in a playful game of matches and opposites, contemporary and traditional, colourful and neutral, hot and cold, polished and matt, in order to create completely unique and customised looks.

CREO Kitchens provides concrete responses to worldwide calls for environmental sustainability. This commitment takes the form of the use of Ecological Panels and eco-compatible materials for making our products, the rational management of resources and continuous improvements in the manufacturing process. This includes the use of a large photovoltaic system at our plant, which guarantees minimum environmental impact for energy generation every day.

In order to make sure your love for your new CREO Kitchen lasts, our technicians have tested and carefully assessed every single structural detail for you, to verify reliability, safety, ergonomics and long life. Here at CREO Kitchens we support the culture of making, placing our know-how at your disposition for developing personalised design solutions that interpret your spaces with flexibility and creativity for concrete and shared results. For us here at CREO Kitchens being competitive does not mean just giving you ideas and inspiration to make you want our products. We want to make your dreams come true, and this is why we have dedicated much of our planning resources to finding the right balance between quality and price for our products. By sharing our experience with that of our designers and suppliers, we have managed to create a supply chain that allows us to use high quality materials and finishes. This allows us to produce models that are high quality, aesthetic and functional as well as being competitively priced.

For CREO Kitchens, guaranteeing the rapid and complete delivery of your chosen product and responding rapidly and professionally to the requirements of the retailer or consumer are our utmost priority. We identify with your expectations and demands. This is achieved via our well organised distribution network and the professional skills of our sales team.

The quality and attention to detail we are able to offer is the result of the great Italian tradition of craftsmanship and our profound understanding of industrial technology. Only thanks to a skilled team made up of prestigious suppliers and a wide network of official retailers selected from among the best stores in the most important cities, are we able to offer the added value that is the CREO Kitchens guarantee of quality and long life.

CREO Kitchens makes its kitchens according to strict standards that contribute to its reputation as a model manufacturer. These are made possible thanks to the constant development of cutting-edge technological solutions and the training of personnel. It is the latter after all that are our greatest resource and that allow us to determine our guidelines and reach our objectives.

The extractable guides and soft closure systems on CREO Kitchens cabinets are made by BLUM, one of the biggest companies worldwide in this sector. The TANDEM fully-integrated guide rail system offers maximum comfort of use, allowing even very heavy drawers and deep drawers to slide easily. BLUMOTION is a soft closure system that allows cabinets to be closed softly and silently independently of the level of force applied or the weight of the door or front panel.

Blum products are popular because of their functionality and high quality.
They are the result of data gathered and observations made on kitchen use worldwide. In order to ensure quality during the development stage, Blum technicians make use of computer simulations and prototype testing. At Blum everything revolves around movement, the aim is to provide CREO Kitchen customers with long-lasting satisfaction. This is achieved through products with impeccable functionality, good design and long life, quality standards that are also applied to our services.